As a young business professional many years ago, I used to identify success as something directly related to how much money I was earning or the position I held.

My mindset has changed.

Success — and how we traditionally define it — has changed.

Just because you’re wealthy doesn’t mean you’re a model of success, and just because you’re not raking in millions doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

My definition of success today falls into three categories

1) A Strong Mindset:
Being fully aware that life is full of ups and downs, especially as an entrepreneur and business owner and still looking forward to every single day, being excited of what the day holds and being grateful for what I have and the journey I have chosen to be on.

2) Respect for others and respect for my own dreams:
Always have compassion and respect for others, this can be difficult when you have a WINNER mindset. But always knowing everything happens for a reason drives me forward and allows me to try to give respect at all times.

3) Surrounding Yourself With Good People:
Find yourself a tribe of people who have goals, ambitions, drive, determination and above all else enthusiasm for what each other does and how we can all drive each other for the greater good.


Success in business and in life is a deliberate act!

Take 100% accountability for your business, career and life. 

Give up on the excuses if you want to find success in your business

You can have SUCCESS, or you can have EXCUSES, But you cannot have both!

Start holding yourself accountable for everything that is happening in your life – good or bad. 

This might sting sometimes but it’s necessary to WIN.


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James Fleming