What can I do differently in 2020?

What stopped me from achieving my goals or targets again this year?

For most of us, it’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Be honest with yourself, did you start off 2019 with all these plans of how you were going to achieve great things

You were going to push your team to rapid growth or maybe just to achieve over plan?

But nothing really happened, nothing significate anyway.


You either didn’t have a good enough plan or you just never planned at all

The motivation drained out of you by end of Q2, no one got it but you, so you just went through the same old motions as before?

Why not set out your expectations for you and your team differently.

Why not do something different, something that will ensure you not only drive the results but also overcome challenges and have your team do it for themselves.

If you are interested in doing something different, something that really works and drive personal accountability within your business or team drop me a PM.

I guarantee I can turn around your business or team into a high-performance mindset.

Find the motives, find the WHY!

Motives create actions, action gives your results, change the motives, change the results.

James Fleming




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