Every Great business, has a TRUE leader within that business, someone who drives the culture and creativity of being great and leading by example.

What is a TRUE Leader?

Leadership is the ability to understand people and inspire them to work towards an agreed and mutually enrolling vision or goal. The benefits of which are felt and understood by those we serve (customers, internal & external), the members of our team and the broader business as a whole.

Management is more focused on the administration, systems, and processes that ensure accountability & quality control, good management is also key to a great business.

Therefore, it is the work of a TRUE leader that should create inspiration and accountability to grow within your business.


These are some of my keys to great leadership:

Why – Strong leaders know the WHY behind what they do and understand the importance of knowing the WHY of each member of their members BIG WHY and braid this with the organization’s WHY is crucial to team cohesion and individual satisfaction and achievement. Find the Why in each member of your team and you will create an instant impact on your business.

Certainty – Great leaders possess a confidence and clarity, borne of self-awareness, self-confidence, and clarity of what. Furthermore, this certainty is contagious. Team members are naturally drawn to them, seek their advice, and feel more confident as a result. When challenged, they remain open to new ideas, opinions and choices are well-informed and reflect the collective view, because they know their people! Strong leaders may make mistakes, but when this is discovered, they take responsibility, look to the opportunity for shared learning and act to change things quickly. Strong leaders will also allow their team’s members to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, this ensures they are learning.

Growth – Extraordinary leaders focus on the growth and development of their team. This means they learn the best ways to acknowledge, support, encourage and challenge each member, to ensure the highest possible level of engagement. The development of a culture of learning is essential and a powerful leader will create and hold a supportive environment, where people feel able to share their mistakes in the interests of shared learning and growth.

Accountability – Extraordinary leaders take responsibility for everyone’s performance, especially their own. They have a strong capacity for insightfulness and will check in with themselves to see what the learning in is in any situation, and what (if anything) they can do to provide stronger leadership in the future. From this place, they will then look outward to ensure the accountability of others. This creates a culture of personal responsibility that allows team members to hold each other more accountable.

Communication – True leaders recognise that effective communication begins with listening, real listening, actually stopping and taking time to listen and understand. The capacity to ask great questions and explore unvisited aspects of the thoughts, feelings and inspirations of team members, is evident in strong leaders. They also have the ability to listen beyond the words to discover the values, beliefs and inspirations of their team. Speaking into the listening of each person increases understanding and cohesion and builds trust. Recognising the patterns of interaction between team members, and ensuring these are positive and growth promoting, is also at the forefront of the contribution of an extraordinary leader. This is where the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques really kick in if you learn the NLP for business model you are already way ahead of the game of communication.

Optimism – True leaders are a source of positive and persistent energy; often borne of the knowledge that they are doing what they were born to do. They generally communicate easily and in a manner that inspires. They operate from an open-hearted place and are genuinely interested in other people’s welfare and growth. They seem wired to create solutions and always know the difference between motivating team members (a force from behind) and inspiring them (a force from in front) to reach for greater outcomes.

Transparency – Strong leaders treat others the way they wish to be treated and avoid hiding things, even those of a personal nature. They are extremely ethical and believe that honesty, integrity and transparency form the foundation of success. They know and embody their own and the organisations values, such that employees are inspired by their example of how to live by their highest values. They share information openly and enroll team members in decision – making whenever possible. If required, they are also able to make decisions that may not be popular but provide a clear context for why the decision was made that way.

Focus – Great leaders recognise the importance of planning ahead and the value of being well organised. They explore multiple scenarios and the possible impacts of their decisions while considering viable alternatives and consulting with appropriate people. They then make plans that create the greatest possible success for all concerned. They then create clear strategies, systems, and processes to ensure high performance is tangible, easily defined, and monitored. And they communicate their plans effectively to ensure maximum enrolment of team members in achieving goals.

Having a vision, setting goals that coincide with that vision, creating plans and contingency plans coupled with action that directly impact those plans are the key drivers to keeping up motivation and increase the focus.

Inspiration – Powerful leaders are clear about what inspires them and stay connected to this. They articulate their highest values and are clear about how to live in accordance with them. They know themselves well and value the practice of self-reflection and life-long learning. They communicate clearly, consistently and in a manner that inspires everyone to be and give their best to mutual benefit. They challenge their people by setting high and attainable standards and expectations – modelled by their own behaviours – and then give the support, tools, training, scope, and autonomy to pursue those goals and become the best employees they can possibly be, so they feel a greater sense of achievement and success, the organisation and these they serve feel and sense a genuine difference.


Inspirational leaders recognise that the greatest outcomes for all concerned are borne out of braiding individual endeavor with organisational endeavor – and serving the unique needs, wants and inspirations of those to whom they provide service.


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