This is just not for me, I can’t do it!

Can you recall a time when you told yourself these words?

A time when you gave in way too early and way too easily?

When you were hesitant to try something new because it felt so uncomfortable?

Now think of another time when you ignored the feeling of FEAR or failure?

A time when you dug deep, pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?

You realised there was nothing to be afraid of after all?

You found the motivation to do it and it turned out ok

Now think of this?

How can motivation drive you to take certain actions on some occasions?

Yet fail you so bad to do others?

What motivated you to take the action, WHY?

Did you know that your Motivation is based on your past conditioning or your reason to take action?

Motivation is your internal reasoning to do or not do something It is moving from your comfort zone to uncomfortable

Once you fully understand your motives, you learn to take a different set of actions.


Motivational Mastery = Motive ☞ Action ☞ Results


Change the motive, change the result!


Glasgow: 22nd November 2019


James Fleming

The Power Within Training & Development