This is an unprecedented time, and I hope that you are safe & healthy. Over the last week, we have felt overwhelmed with the enormity of the current climate and it has brought into sharp focus the impact this will have on not only my own business but that of my customers, clients and friends and the actions required to get us through these trying times.

So for the last 6 days I have focused on our response, thus being one of action, what can we do to help, what do we have at our disposal and if we are truly in this together what will my response be to help my own business and other survivors.

The answer has been one of clarity and focus.

What do we do well, what can we focus on during this time and how can I help others get through this also.

Today is the first day of action, the last week has been one of reflection, worry, doubt and sadness. It took me 3 years of extremely hard work, endless sacrifice, late nights, the weekends after weekends of working to build my dream for it to fall away in only a few days.

I know there are lots of you out there in the same position.

We are NOT defeated, we need to use this time to rebuild, reflect and reinforce why we started up our businesses in the first place. Use this passion and purpose to build stronger, leaner more focused businesses for the future.

If any of my clients, customers or friends are looking for support, guidance or strength during this time please feel free to PM direct and I will do all I can to help guide you, support you and refocus on what needs to be done.



James Fleming

Founder & CEO
The Power Within Training & Development