MCR Pathways Mentor

MCR Pathways is a Scottish charity. Our vision is that every care-experienced and disadvantaged young person in Scotland gets the same education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances as every other young person.

Our school-based Mentoring and Talent Taster programme support disadvantaged and care-experienced young people. We help them to find, grow and use their inspiring talents and then progress onto positive destinations.

MCR mentoring transforms lives. In our most recent Impact Report, 86% of mentored leavers progressed to positive destinations (full-time employment, further education, or higher education) vs. 51% of care-experienced non-mentored leavers.

There’s amazing potential in our most disadvantaged young people, potential that’s often buried because of difficult life experiences. Mentors bridge talent with opportunity. By spending just one hour a week listening and being there for your young person you will empower them to unlock their potential.

Eradicate Bullying in Schools

The Power Within Training & Development have developed in conjunction with local High Schools: Have developed a two-part workshop/presentation to eradicate bullying from our schools. 

The first 45-minute presentation focused on the school pupils focusing on the following: WHAT IF: We had a CHOICE 

This two-part presentation focuses on our ability to BE, HAVE & DO anything we want in life, with a twist on our beliefs system and our ability to change our path at any chosen time. 

The presentation then focuses on Bullying in our schools, WHO, WHY & HOW with a reverse psychology approach to highlighting bullies as victims as well as perpetrators.

The second 45 to 60-minute two-part presentation focuses on our ability to BE, HAVE & DO anything we want in life, with a twist on our beliefs system and our ability to change our path at any chosen time. 

 The parent’s presentation has an added segment highlighting the effects our actions and words have on children “Creating positive beliefs” & The Power of Feedback”

At the end of both presentations, each Parent/Guardian/School Pupil will have the option of taking away a letter/pledge to do all they can to help eradicate bully from their Childs school. The letter should be taken home and discussed with their children and signed by both.

young enterprise scotland

Chairperson, Business Advisor & Volunteer

We offer a variety of programmes for young people in secondary education across Scotland. Our programmes are suitable for every year group unless stated otherwise. There are day activities, a monthly challenge, and our year-long Company Programme.

Support materials for teaching staff are provided. Young people will enhance their personal development skills, team skills, improve problem-solving skills and develop leadership and presentation skills.

Our secondary school programmes are reflective of the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence. They also work towards the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) ’I Can’ Statements at all phases.

We will add value through the inclusion of expert business volunteers who support our Programme Executives. We have brilliant Local Area Teams with Link Teachers and Business Advisors who help run the Company Programme. Young people will think about what it takes to be entrepreneurial and enterprising in learning, life and work.

Mentor, Panel Member & Non-Executive Director

Orbit is a Social Enterprise, which aims to build world class entrepreneurial skills in organisations and schools around the UK.

With an attitude that flies in the face of corporate etiquette, Orbit hosts two programmes with the backing of partners RBS & The Princes Trust.

The first programme, ‘entrepreneur’, sees entrepreneurs mentor teenage participants through the highs and lows of launching a business. Each teenager we work with launches real, legally established businesses, and we offer all the support they need to grow and sustain themselves.

Our second programme, ‘intrapreneur’, sees industry experts mentor our teenage cohort to ‘hustle themselves’ into a job within a desired industry. Once they secure their desired job, we provide all the training needed to help them become entrepreneurial within their organisation.

Orbit has connections with some of the UK’s leading business figures, and frequently hosts ‘life story’ events with a collection of these incredible speakers.

childrens hearings scotland

Children’s Hearing Panel Member & L&D Coordinator

Scotland’s unique Children’s Hearings System relies on the involvement of around 2,500 people from all walks of life, who give their time and commitment voluntarily to train and serve as Children’s Panel members. Panel members are selected and trained to sit on children’s hearings in the local authority area in which they either live or work.

Being a panel member is hugely rewarding, but cases can often be complex and emotionally challenging and the time commitment is considerable. If you are interested in applying to become a panel member, please visit our Children’s Panel website where you will find lots of information which should help you decide if volunteering for the Children’s Panel is really for you.

Volunteering tas an AST member is another rewarding way of supporting Scotland’s most vulnerable children and young people.

What is the Children’s Panel?

The Children’s Panel is the largest lay tribunal in Scotland, making decisions to help improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people.

What is a panel member?

A panel member is a lay tribunal member who volunteers to sit on Children’s Panels. Panel members are people from the community who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Panel members must be at least 18 years old but there is no upper age limit. Panel member recruitment takes place annually and the first term of appointment is three years. Children’s Panel members are appointed by the National Convener of Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS) on recommendation of the Area Support Team (AST), which interviews and selects candidates. There are approximately 2,500 panel members across Scotland.

What is the role of a panel member?

Panel members play a vital role in the Children’s Hearings System, volunteering their time, skills and commitment to make decisions in the best interests of the children and young people that come to hearings, to help improve their lives. Panel members have to deal with cases that are often complex, difficult and emotionally challenging. They are carefully selected and highly trained for their role. But in many cases they need their employer’s support to carry out that role.

Pro bono 1 to 1 Coaching & Counselling

The Power Within Training & Development take on a minimum of 5 Pro Bono clients each year, who would otherwise not have access to professional coaching & counselling support.