Accelerate Self-Leadership Development & Goal Setting Workshop – Glasgow


Accelerate Self-Leadership Development 

Goals Setting & Defining Workshop

Thursday 21st of March 2019

Doubletree Hilton

Strathclyde Business Park


8:15 am to 4:30 pm


Accelerate: Self-Leadership Development

& Goal Setting Workshop – Glasgow

“This Self-Development Program will inspire, guide and develop professionals to achieve success and create an impact in everything they do.

So that they can go through life with a sense of Meaning, Passion & Purpose of not just living life, but loving life.”


You will learn, develop & understand new tools & techniques that you can use in your everyday lives.

Creating a more positive, focused Personal & Professional life that you can modify to suit any moments in life.

Impact & Outcomes

✓ Empowered, Inspired, Focused & Awakened with an understanding & acceptance of who you are

✓ Focused on Your personal & Professional life, with a sense of clarity, passion & purpose again.

✓ Learn how to set goals, set plans & take actions the right way

✓ Leave with a clear plan, a set of goals and actions to drive your life forward in a way you never knew before.

✓ Develop a clear understanding of how to take back control of your success, or lack of success

✓ Truly understanding what thoughts, beliefs or Self-Talk have been stopping you from achieving success and having a  meaningful life in all you do.

✓ Understand how to clear out negativity, fear & doubt and come out winning.

✓ Build your self-esteem, confidence and create a structure that can be implemented to ensure a happy, goal driven &  future.

✓ Game Changing process: Get Excited about the Future again and start making the changes you know you have inside  you to create a better world.

Who should attend?

✓ Looking to Transform your Mind-set from negative to positive and be consistent always

✓ Want that extra edge & winning mentality in your professional life

✓ Are you looking for self-improvement, self-development & increased performance of your personal & Professional life?

✓ Do you Need to Develop new ways to Grow, Learn & progress?

✓ Looking for ways to change your life but don’t know how or where to Start?

✓ Want to Learn to break free your chains of fear, doubt & Procrastination that have been holding you back for years & become a high performer again?

✓ Do you want to live a life full of Pride, Passion & Purpose?

✓ Ready to take the actions (cause & effect) required to jump-start your life again?

Learn & Understand

✓ Your Core beliefs & Limiting Beliefs

            a)How they were created, b) How they hold you back, c) How to leave them behind

✓ Understand the Power of a growth Mind-Set and how it will change your Personal & Professional life forever.

✓ Take back control of your dominant thoughts & action

✓ Leave with your personal & professional goals, action plans & strategies for life

✓ Make the most of your day & how to prioritise what’s important in life (Time Management)

✓ How to control your inner dialogue (Self Talk, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence)

✓ Take the first steps to understand, embrace & implement change

✓ The importance & Power of feedback

✓ How the words you speak, affect those around you

✓ ** Kids, Partners, Friends, Family & Co-workers **

✓ Improve yourself, your Performance & Outlook on life

✓ How fear & self-doubt hold you back from achieving greatness in life

✓ How to create positive habits & discipline to boost your Professional Life

✓ Start looking forward to living & loving life again and always

✓ Develop a positive mental strategy & focus all of the time

✓ Understand the importance of correct planning process to identify your goals & stay Focused.

Also included in the ticket price are a number of additional special things:

✓ Light Breakfast & Lunch

✓ 8 HRS CPD Certificate

✓ Your own 2019 plan of action booklet

Additional information


Thursday 21st of March 2019


Doubletree Hilton

Strathclyde Business Park 


8:15 am to 4:30 pm

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