We believe that personal and professional development are two sides of the same coin. We aim to develop individuals, teams and organisations by helping people bring more of themselves to their work.

The Power Within was formed because we share particular beliefs that really matter in developing people be the best version of themselves. These are the reasons why we do what we do, in the way that we do it. We uphold our values and principles in all our activities regardless of the context. This applies to one-to-one coaching & development, team training programs, in fact all aspects of our day to day lives and interactions.


We believe that courage is a huge part of change. It takes courage to be seen as imperfect, to ask hard questions of ourselves and others, to make tough decisions, and to speak up when something needs to be said and heard.

Without courage things will not change for the better.


TPWC ethos to learning is simple: If you are not learning you are not growing. We strive to always be the best at what we do & how we do it. Continually seeking feedback to help us improve our offering, process and skill sets.


We believe that at the heart of all outstanding development work with individuals, teams and organisations are individual people taking greater personal responsibility for bringing all of themselves to their relationships and their work.

Coupled with ‘courage’ and ‘insight’ this means a shift from being driven by what is outside our awareness to choosing to do what we know is most right.

The yardstick for action is no longer external to us or a template from the past it is what we ourselves know is needed right here, right now.


People and organisations are not paintings that reach a stage of perfection where they can be spoiled by one more stroke of the brush.

We are continually growing, a life’s work. We believe that regardless of the starting point there is always potential to change, learn and develop.

Levels of trust, communication, performance and the quality of our relationships can always be enhanced. We will help you unlock the latent potential within yourself, your teams and your organisation.