Our approach to developing individuals, teams, and organisations centers around five core principles.

  • Always delivering excellent quality
  • Treating everyone and every experience as a unique process
  • Creating positive change
  • Working in the ‘here and now’ and with the inner landscape of people’s experience – the whole person
  • Keeping our values at the heart of everything we do; Courage, Insight, Responsibility, and Potential

Whether we are supporting you through change as an individual, team or organisation, or whether you are training on our on-line coaching programme, you will experience our commitment to these four core pillars throughout.

Our approach helps our clients to ‘hold a mirror’ up in front of themselves. This means helping them see more of the inner landscape surrounding their issues, and what they bring to their situation that was outside their awareness. This might include assumptions, mindsets and behaviours or how feelings, beliefs and values impact effectiveness. We enable people to take greater personal responsibility for themselves and for taking more intentional and effective action whatever their role requires.

‘Lightbulb Moments’ are typical with this approach. It would not be an overstatement to say that our work is often life changing for delegates and transformational for their organisations.

I set up The Power Within Coaching as a way of giving back to the world and in particular, those less fortunate members of society who need support & guidance more than ever.

To do this I needed to build a business that supports, guides and develops members of society who feel lost or trapped in the mouse wheel of life, both in professional & personal context.

I have developed my own Self-Leadership Development program that enables people to look at what is going wrong, why it’s going wrong and how to change those thoughts & belief patterns. Come out the other end with a clearer more profound picture of how to take back control of their lives, using the power of thoughts, goals setting and action taking processes. Incorporating morning & evening routines to develop their subconscious minds, their own WHY.

“The mind is the most powerful tool on earth and the mass of today’s society lack the skills & knowledge to fully understand, why we do what we do, and unleash the power of the success mindset.