It is Motivational & Inspiration Development, Your reasons to take action. 

It is the study of what causes people to act and/or react a certain way to life’s situations/experiences.

The mental capacity to direct and sustain energy on a particular task or situation and recognize that motivational capabilities are critical to real-world problem-solving

Motivational Intelligence reflects our capability to direct attention and energy toward either learning about, functioning or taking specific actions in any situations we internally determine the desire to achieve the specified outcomes.

It’s our triggers or motive to take action or not.

All people – have Trigger Traits (enabling or limiting) that control their behaviour; but where do these traits come from?

Our Trigger traits – whether conducive to success or failure – are a direct reflection of our Core Beliefs or our Belief System.

Trigger traits are the attributes/habits/behaviours that we see in all highly successful people

Traits like creativity, imagination, optimism, persistence, the ability to adapt, determination, courage, confidence, initiative, self-reliance, self-motivation and acceptance of personal responsibility for results are the trigger traits of success.

And all success traits are a learned set of behaviours.

So if you do not have them you can learn them.

But first, you need to understand your own motivational intelligence triggers.

Then you can truly understand and change your motives.

Once you fully understand your motives, you learn to take a different set of actions.

Motivational Mastery = Motive ☞ Action ☞ Results

Change the motive, change the result!




James Fleming

The Power Within Training & Development