Accelerate: Sales & Leadership Development 

“The Success Formula”

Our ACCELERATE program was developed with over 20 years of experience, feedback & research on why people fail to achieve any great levels of success in their personal & professional lives and a small number seem to achieve an unlimited amount of success:


Accelerate program has been designed from the ground up to inspire, guide and develop YOU to achieve measurable success and create an impact in everything YOU do.

Imagine finally being able to develop a Growth Mindset that will Unlock the Unlimited Potential you know is within you. To be able to go through your life with a new sense of Meaning, Passion & Purpose, knowing that you can finally achieve anything you want in life with unstoppable Drive & Determination.


Do you continue to go through life wondering why other people seem to get all the success and not you, would you like to change that equation?

All Success & failure starts with your mindset, we are all born with a mindset for success and somewhere along the line, we lost that drive, that focus.

We started making subconscious choices every day that directly effects our success formula, the formula that used to drive us forward, without fear, without hesitation

Accelerate 1-Day Self-Leadership Development workshop:

Is your formula for success. It’s a 7-step process that will take you through a journey of self-awareness, self-belief, and self-development of understanding your barriers and self-limiting obstacles in life. It will guide you through the process of not only overcoming these barriers and obstacles but eliminating them from your life once & for all.


Book your seats now for this world-class transformational journey.

Impact & Outcomes

✓ Empowered, Inspired, Focused & Awakened with an understanding & acceptance of who you are

✓ Focused on Your personal & Professional life, with a sense of clarity, passion & purpose again.

✓ Learn how to set goals, set plans & take actions the right way

✓ Leave with a clear plan, a set of goals and actions to drive your life forward in a way you never knew before.

✓ Develop a clear understanding of how to take back control of your success, or lack of success

✓ Truly understanding what thoughts, beliefs or Self-Talk have been stopping you from achieving success and having a  meaningful life in all you do.

✓ Understand how to clear out negativity, fear & doubt and come out winning.

✓ Build your self-esteem, confidence and create a structure that can be implemented to ensure a happy, goal driven &  future.

✓ Game-Changing process: Get Excited about the Future again and start making the changes you know you have inside  you to create a better world.

Who should attend?

✓ Looking to Transform, Engage & Grow your Mindset with Consistancy & Focus?

✓ Accelerate your sales and leadership performance.

✓ Develop that extra edge & winning mentality in your professional life

✓ Are you looking for self-improvement, self-development & increased performance of your personal & professional life?

✓ Want to Learn to break free your chains of fear, doubt & Procrastination that have been holding you back for years & become a high performer again?

✓ Do you want to live a life full of Pride, Passion & Purpose?

✓ Ready to take the actions (cause & effect) required to jump-start your life again?

Accelerate: Sales and Leadership Development Workshop


Online Sales & Leadership Development Workshop

Time: 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

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