I was asked the following question regarding my Motivational Mastery workshops?


“What is the difference between Emotional Intelligence and Motivational Mastery”

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been on the developmental radar for many years and rightly so, especially when there are many generations in the workforce, there are so many more communication tools and change seems to be happening faster and faster.

The essence of Emotional Intelligence is how we become aware, understand and interact with others at an emotional level.


Motivational Mastery

Motivational Mastery is how we understand, interact and engage ourselves to take a specific set of actions or lack of them.

Knowing and understanding ourselves and our true potential helps us understand and engage others.  Just like leadership, before we can lead others we must be able to lead ourselves (Self-Leadership).  Motivational Mastery is not only the key to execution but also the accelerant to higher levels of Emotional Intelligence. It has been statistically linked to significantly higher levels of job performance, productivity and job satisfaction and is utilized at some of the largest companies in the world.


Why Motivational Mastery “Intensive” training?

Development of Motivational Mastery has been shown to increase job performance, engagement and satisfaction, along with measurable increases in leadership capabilities, sales capabilities. As a result, Motivational Intelligence and Mastery training is the highest ROI training category on the market.


Here’s what others had to say about our Motivational Mastery?


I can honestly say that since I attending Motivational Workshop, my whole Mindset in relation to my personal and business activities has completely

changed for the better!

This workshop was absolutely mind-blowing. The best investment I have ever made in my own personal and professional development”

Why is Motivational Mastery different?

The vast majority of training programs are heavily weighted on skill; they tell people what they should be doing and how they should be doing it, rather than addressing the motives that actually drive a person to take the action needed to succeed.

We do things differently, because at its core, every business challenge, every problem, is a people problem. And people problems originate from gaps in motivation.

We are all chasing better business results. We know that the key lies in getting our people to take better actions. In a valiant, yet all too frequently unsuccessful attempt to get our people to take better actions, we try to close the skill gaps.

But skill training alone does not drive action.

How many times have we implemented seemingly great skill training only to watch our people go out and do nothing differently?

Nothing has changed.


Speak to a great leader or seek to understand a high (peak) performing individual or team, you will consistently find that there is one common denominator that contributed to their success: the mastery of motivation.

They have a Motivational Mastery framework of no excuses, no blame, high self-confidence, a positive, resilient attitude, laser focus on goals and an understanding of comfort zones that defines the difference between winners and losers.


Change the motives and you change the results.


James Fleming

The Power Within Training & Development