Now, who loves or hates it selling?

We all struggle with direct sales at some point & we don’t know why!

You know that making sales is the only way to increase your revenue, build up your company and, well, stay in business. You hear the stories of the other top salesperson, how their results are amazing. You know that selling works.

But, for some reason, it’s not working for you.

You work hard researching and contacting prospects. You do your best to interest them in your work or products & services during a sales presentation. Hell, you even follow up, which is not something many small business owners would do. But you still don’t make sales. At least not as many as you would like. You do everything by the book, you follow the process, take the actions but you get no results. The sales that you make, well, sometimes they feel like luck or an accidental sale, as if it just happened, you were simply in the right place at the right time.

Wrong, nothing happens by luck, you need to make your own luck, create the opportunities and be in the mindset to close them.

So, what’s wrong? What’s causing all this hard work to go to waste?

Well, I may have an idea so read on.

Before we begin, there is one more thing I want to talk about.

You are not alone.

The problem I am about to discuss with you is one of the most common ones amongst all small business owners and salespeople. There are literary hundreds of thousands of people that struggle to make sales and grow their business.

Some of them try very hard, others give up, but WHY, what wrong with me and my sales team, why are we consistently missing or targets, why is ******* the only sales executive performing.

One thing to remember before we go through the rest of the article: Success in sales, life or anything we do for that matter has 3 main components.

Success 100%

  1. Goals/Results = 15%,
  2. Actions, Plans & Process = 35%
  3. Mind-Set/Beliefs = 50%

“Think you cant and you’ve already failed, think you can and your half way there”

Self-Confidence & Belief in yourself, your product and or service is the Key to increase your sales performance & ultimately business growth.

It’s your approach to selling that’s causing the problem.

Because you see, you go to a presentation or meeting hoping to make the sale, not feeling totally confident, probably not fully knowing your customers WHY.

You go to the sales call with one intention, to get the order, sell, sell, sell. It’s not a genuine, honest reason, you’re now fully focused on how well this solution will not only help the customer but make their life so much easier. You forget rapport, building the relationship, creating moments and go for the sell.

It’s being selfish. And, the trouble is, many of your prospects see through that, they feel the doubt, the apprehension the desperation inside you.

Do you know what a focused, confident and positive mindset salesman does instead?

They go to a meeting knowing that their solutions will help the prospect solve their problems and improve their business. They know this, hell, they believe in it so passionately they don’t understand why they sell it so cheaply and, they get the sale.

Want to make more sales? Realise What You Are Really Selling!

You can’t change your mindset if you don’t know what are you really selling. By this I don’t mean the actual product or a service you are offering but what is the biggest benefit of using it. A web designer does not sell websites. She sells the opportunity to promote the business online, to gain more leads and sales for the business. A garden designer does not sell new gardens but rather an opportunity to have a special place to rest and unwind.

Find out what you are really selling and figuring out the ways to help your prospects will become extremely easy.

Before you next sales call: Go through each section of your product or service, ensure it solves the prospect’s problems, understand the prospect, do some investigating, who are they, what are they all about, do they have a hobby, get to know them before you meet them.

Then go to your next sales call believing, I mean really believing that your prospect has already agreed on the sale (in your mind), it has solved all their problems, exceeds their expectations & helps them, improve their business & increase revenue. ?

How does it feel?

Here’s A Scary Fact

Every time you lose a sale, you most likely also lose a prospect for life. It is an unfortunate fact that you may never get a chance to sell to them again. A simple change in your business mindset can make the difference between this and consistently converting new clients for your business.

So, what do you choose?

  1. A)   Continue to do the business the same way?
  2. B)   Try something different focused on the Mindset of a Sales Executive?

Mindset is probably the most underrated product of Success, yet it holds the most power when looking at our self-confidence, self-esteem & self-talk, the core of any success or failure system.

If you or your sales & leadership team would like to know more about my “Sales Organizational Leadership Development” (SOLD-The Success Formula)

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The only thing you have to lose is the FEAR OF FAILURE. So, inbox me, and let’s get started.

James Fleming