Business Growth Academy

Business Growth Academy is a business education programme specifically designed for the small construction based business owner that encompasses a rolling programme of 9 modular business building sessions tailored to you and your business.

This will be delivered on a rolling monthly basis. During each 2-hour LIVE webinar style workshop we will cover everything you need to know on that particular subject, complete with examples, step by step instructions and online guides for you to implement and profit from in your business.

The culmination of these 9 modules and live coaching/mentoring will enable you to master building a company for high growth including Time Management, Team Building, Marketing, Internet Marketing, Financial Modelling, Sales Generation, Entrepreneurial Success, Goal Setting & Defining and Wealth Creation. 

To be clear, Business Growth Academy is NOT for everyone… 

The size and type of your business doesn’t matter. But your willingness to take part with 100% commitment and take action on what you learn does.

Most people who are serious about growing and developing a successful business take professional development seriously and know that the only way to really accelerate business growth is by putting the time and effort into really understanding the proven steps of business building.

And while we guarantee your satisfaction, so there is zero risk on your part, we insist that only serious Business Owners apply for a place. That said, if you are serious about your business, and you’re willing to be open-minded about new ideas and new ways of looking at your business and what it really means to be a successful business owner, then this is the program for you!


Here is a sneak preview of the workshops within the programme:

Start With The End In Mind – Setting your Future. Learn how to get your team enrolled, engaged and contributing, plus the most powerful but underused management and leadership tool available to you right now. You’ll learn how to build a business in the construction industry, from the foundations up starting with the culture of a winning construction company.

Time For Success. Time is your most valuable asset, yet most of us squander it. Learn how to master the use of time with simple proven techniques and strategies to maximum you and your team’s productivity and effectiveness. You Learn how to stop spending time and start making money. In the construction industry delivering on time and on budget is paramount. This module will focus on the former. As a business owner learn how to maximise your effectiveness to help you deliver on time. In addition teach these techniques to your staff so that, with or without a project manager cracking the whip, your team are all being productive and tracking and managing progress. Also avoid common pitfalls in constructions companies that prevent on time delivery or poor utilisation of construction staff.

Business Finance Made Simple. Management of finances can make or break a construction company.
Learn how to ask better questions of your accountant and bank manager by understanding how to interpret your full accounts including key construction industry specific metrics and deal analysis.
We will develop a Financial Dashboard through KPI’s and ratios so you can spot challenges, recognise opportunities and make informed decisions through your numbers.

Buying Customers. No construction business can survive without customers. When it comes to marketing most people believe the purpose is to tell people what you do in order to sell them your products or service; it’s not! Learn how to create a Customer Attraction System that will drive a marketing machine generating lead after lead, and cash flow stability. Review the common customers of the construction industry such as commercial clients, local councils or residential clients and learn how to tailor your marketing for these different customer sets.

The Psychology of a Buyer. Whether you are a sole trader doing all the construction work and sales or whether you are now down tools and are managing a team you still need to know how and why your customer buys from you. We will look at the psychology of how people looking for construction related services buy and how to effectively communicate to them in order to make you a great salesperson.

Customer Perceptions – Often recommendations are how small businesses in the construction industry get the majority of their work. This is the result of a positive customer experience and service. Great customer service is all about creating a WOW factor and service led culture along with the Customer Retention and Referral System that will turn your customers into your most effective marketing and sales machine.

Creating a High-Performance Team – Every growing construction company will need more people eventually, whether permeant staff or trusted sub-contractors, so creating a high performance team is critical to your company’s continued success and growth. It starts with great leadership creating rhythm in the business and influencing stakeholders. We will look at motivation, performance, target setting, defining roles, rules and responsibilities, and all the keys to a winning team.

Wealth Creation – any construction companies stick to what they know and never branch out to create massive financial success. Learn in simple terms about the different types of asset classes, how to raise investment cash flow for your current business or to acquire future businesses. How to create investment capital from profits, compound your returns, create wealth from multiple income streams

Goal Setting & Defining – Whether it’s completing a shop fitting on budget or growing your construction business to £10m annual turnover we need clearly defined goals and plans to achieve them. We have developed a very unique process and system that will allow you to leave with a clear understanding and easy to implement process and system of achieving your goals, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, ensuring high performance and balance every single day. Benefit from renewed energy, vision and focus. You’ll have a ready-to-implement plan for the next week, month, and year with a detailed 90-day plan so you can get your personal & professional goals moving in the right direction.

Who Should Attend The Business Growth Academy?

In the ideal world, business owners should spend at least 20% of their time working ‘on’ their business. For most of us that’s simply not realistic. But you owe it to yourself to spend at least a few hours every other week growing your business with the key members of your team. Just spending these hours immersing yourself in this Programme will improve your business for months and years ahead. It is not a question of making time, it’s about gaining back time, getting balance and enjoying business.

You could be losing a fortune in untapped profits every month– Because we are so close to our own businesses, it can be very hard for us to see the potential that often lies right in front of us. During the Business Academy sessions, you will uncover virtual goldmines of opportunities- areas that you have probably never thought to exploit. By clearly identifying these, you will widen your business flexibility and increase your financial freedom.

Your product or service can be better than your competitors, but… That’s not enough to guarantee success. The irony is that your competitors can have a worse product or service than you, but if they are better at delivery, they will take your business. The solution is to combine the quality of what you offer customers, with the marketing and delivery skills that will ensure those customers choose to do business with you, again and again.

Unlock your true potential. Business development is as much about people development as it is about applying improvement strategies. In order to improve any business, you must firstly improve the leaders of that business. Most people start a business because they have a skill or trade or go it alone after working in a particular sector, very few are taught how to run and build a business from a real world prospective. Success is not about what you have done; it’s about the person you become.

Your Investment?

There is a strong argument that the Business Growth Academy should be priced in the £9,000 – £10,000 range because of the 600 plus strategies within the online support guides and support material that you get to keep forever, and the fact that it is an elite programme for those rare business owners deeply committed to success.

At that price, you would easily get a substantial return on investment, but I want to make it easy for any serious business owner to join this course…and I am also aware that many have been battered by the current economy…and if you are one of them…I want to respect your willingness to invest in yourself regardless of circumstances.

So the full price the Business Growth Academy is just a fraction of that cost and here is the really good news, if you are in the construction or property development industry you could qualify for the fully funded CITB Skills & Training Fund, yes at NO cost to you at all.

Here’s the key: Once you learn how to build one profitable successful business, you can build as many as you like. Once you learn how to invest profits and compound your returns you can become financially independent. This programme will show you how to do both.


If you are a construction based business owner, did you know that you can get this 9-month Business Growth Academy FULLY FUNDED via your CITB Skills & Training Fund.

Click on the link below to find out more about the Skills & Training Fund!